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Recording - Spoken Word.

No Downloads The Ballet Schools, studio based narration of Swan Lake, Sandy Queenan, 2009
22 minutes recorded and mastered for CD production and live performance, May
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listen.mp3 Milton Balgonie, a recording at Stevenson's College, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2007
Six spoken word poems recorded for inclusion in a live DVD production, April
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listen.mp3 Jenny Lindsay, Studio based recordings, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006
Five spoken word poems for Scottish Arts Council grant application, March
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listen.mp3 Michael McGill, Studio based recording, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005
A collection of nine recordings for CD production and release, September
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No Downloads Alistair Gray, A live recording at Kin Plugged, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 2005
A selection of book readings, in association with Kin/Canongate Books, April
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listen.mp3 Steven Barnaby, Live set recorded Bigword Performance Poetry, Edinburgh, 2005
A full live set recording of fifty word stories, for BBC Talent competition, June.
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listen.mp3 Rob Gee, Multiple live session recordings, recorded Kin/Bigword, Edinburgh, 2004
48 mins recorded for, 'The Genghis Khan guide to Etiquette', live CD production
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