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TV, Radio & Commercial

watch.swf Sequences for Radio and TV commercials, Channel 4, ITV, Silverburn, 2007
Jazz quintet - piano, kit drums, guitar, brass, featuring Colin Steel - trumpet
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watch.swf TV Commercial, 'North Link Ferries', on C4 Scotland, Scottish TV, 2005-2008
Piano ensemble, violins (Chris Stout), guitar and percussion (Een Anderson).
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No Downloads Sequences for, 'Scottish Design Awards', Scottish Executive, Edinburgh, 2005
Three mixed genre modern sequences with live band & digital audio workstation.
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listen.mp3 'Loch Katrine', for Scottish Water & Muckle Hen Productions, Edinburgh, 2005
Mixed genre electronic underscore with sampled harp and small ensemble.
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listen.mp3 'Theme for Scottish Water', for Muckle Hen Prod., Edinburgh, Scotland, 2004
Classical underscore & theme with DAW ensemble, (Scottish Media Awards)
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No Downloads 'Sequence for Tri-Pure', Carron Phoenix and Shona Donaldson Production, 2003
Electro acoustic sequence with light ensemble, piano, flute, violin & french horn.
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listen.mp3 'Theme for Outerlight Games', Ailsa Bates, Outerlight Games, Scotland, 2001
Electronic, synthesized orchestral phrase for games company logo sequence.
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